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Assassinators is a free mafia game. You won't need to download anything, you can play straight from your browser. The aim is to reach the highest rank of Ultimate Assassinator, and earn as much cash as you can along the way.

This game is a persistant game, you'll make an account, rank up, earn some cash and then stop playing for today. Then when you log in tomorrow, your rank, money and bullets will be the same.

As you rank, more actions in the game will become available to you. You'll be harder to assassinate, and it will be easier for you to take out other players.

There are multiple missions for you to complete, involving drug smuggling, boxing, gambling, committing an organised crime and assassinating a witness of a crime so that someone very near to you doesn't get put in jail for life.

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Assassinators is available to download now on Google Play.

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